Bailiff in Pakistan


As per the bailiff definition in Pakistan, the bailiff is a person appointed by the court to execute a particular order. The court may depute a bailiff to visit a site and prepare a report to arrest someone to detain something or produce someone in illegal custody. A bailiff in Pakistan can be any court official or the court may appoint anyone as a bailiff in Pakistan.


A Bailiff in Pakistan and Court Bailiff in is an important person who performs his duty as per the orders of the court. In the past, if any case demanded the personal visit of a Judge on the place the Judges used to visit the place. Nowadays judges have hundreds of cases daily so the judge cannot go to different places to ascertain the truth. Nowadays the Judges appoint a bailiff in Pakistan to visit the area ascertain the truth and prepare a report so that the judge may give the decision with the help of this report.

For Example:

For example someone files a case that his relative is illegally detained by the police, the judge deputes the bailiff to visit the police station and produce the person before the court who is in illegal custody of the police. The court also orders the bailiff in Pakistan to prepare the report according to the orders of the court. The bailiff has the same authority as the Judge. When a bailiff goes somewhere it is considered that the Judge himself has arrived. To appoint a bailiff from court you may contact our lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.


If you are wondering how to become a bailiff in Pakistan then let us guide you that the court may appoint anyone as a bailiff. The courts normally do not hire a bailiff in Pakistan on its payroll. Normally the court appoints any court official as a bailiff. As per the bailiff definition in Pakistan, the bailiff is just to execute a particular order of the court. However, some courts like guardian courts in major cities also have some bailiffs on the payroll of the courts. For details, you may contact our law firm in Lahore Pakistan.

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