Child Abduction in Pakistan



Child abduction in Pakistan means taking away or keeping the custody of child without lawful authority. In other words, it means that a person has kept the child illegally. The legal custody of child can be both by strangers or the parents. When you have illegal custody of the child it is called child kidnapping in Pakistan. Both the parents and the stranger can be punished for kidnapping in Pakistan. The kidnapping of child in Pakistan can be done by both parents and the stranger. The stranger’s child abduction is a serious offense in Pakistan. A parent can also be charged with child abduction in Pakistan if after having the child custody in Pakistan, the custody is termed to be illegal. Child abduction in Pakistan can be of a Pakistani child and a child having foreign nationality. If a mother or father has brought a foreign national child into Pakistan without the consent of the other half can the charged with the offence of child kidnapping in Pakistan.


Child kidnapping in Pakistan is considered to be a very serious offense in Pakistan. Child abduction in Pakistan can be for money or love. If the kidnapping of a child in Pakistan is for money, it is termed as kidnapping for ransom. The child kidnapping in Pakistan for love is mostly by the mother or the father. Sometimes the mother has filed a case for child maintenance in Pakistan but to avoid the situation the father kidnaps the child. Such type of custody of the child is itself illegal. You cannot keep even your child against the law. Sometimes the courts give child custody to the mother or the father but the other half keeps the child against the court orders which is illegal in itself.


Kidnapping of child in Pakistan is a serious offence. A child is a person who is a minor. A male child below the age of 18 is a minor. A child kidnapping in Pakistan means that the custody of a minor below the age of 18 years is kept illegally. If someone who has the custody of a child thinks that he is entitled to the custody of such a child then he or she should obtain a guardian certificate in Pakistan. In case of a dispute between the mother and father over the child, the case can be filed in the guardian courts. However, it is not possible to keep the custody of child illegally in case of a dispute between the parents.


The punishment for child abduction in Pakistan or child kidnapping in Pakistan is given in the Pakistan penal code. Sections 359 to section 369 deal with offenses related to kidnapping and abduction. The punishment varies according to the gravity of the offense. For details, you may read sections 359 to 369 of Pakistan penal code 1860. If you need assistance in the case of kidnapping or child abduction in Pakistan, you may contact us.

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