Civil Union in Pakistan

Civil Union in Pakistan


Civil union meaning as per the law, the declaring of the same status and giving the same rights as marriage between a couples of the same sex. In short, a civil union is the declaration of two people of the same gender that they give them the same rights and status as the married couple of the opposite sex have when they legally marry each other. The civil union in Pakistan is illegal and a crime. It is just like two males or females marrying each other by way of declaration. This civil union is also called a civil partnership in law. Civil union in Europe is acceptable in some countries, but not in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the law does not recognize any such civil partnership, and if anyone tries to commit such an act, they can be criminally punished. Pakistan does not recognize any such marriage certificate.


The civil union in Pakistan is not legally recognized. Pakistan recognizes any such civil partnership as a crime, regarding which the complaint can be registered in the relevant police station. If two males or females get married through any procedure, they can be punished for at least 14 years in jail, which may be extended up to 20 years, according to Section 377 of the PPC. Pakistan does not recognize any such civil unions like those in Europe or other countries. If anyone tries to register his civil partnership as per the civil union meaning in another country through Pakistan by way of online marriage in Pakistan, they will be considered to be committing a crime.


Civil union in Europe may be accepted in some countries, but there is no such concept of civil partnership in Pakistan. Civil union meaning in short is the marriage between two males or females, some countries in the world are fine with civil union between people of the same gender, but this is not the case in Pakistan. Even some countries do not recognize this civil union according to their federal laws, but some of the states within that country recognize this civil union or civil partnership. Pakistan neither recognizes nor recognizes any civil marriage or divorce in Pakistan between the same gender, and any such contract will be considered void ambition.


A civil partnership is a written contract between people of the same gender, giving each other the same rights and status as a married couple. The civil partnership is not like going somewhere and registering their marriage. A civil partnership is like a written contract between two same-gender people, giving each other the rights and status of married couples. A civil union is a type of marriage between gays and lesbians. The civil union in Pakistan is a crime, and anyone committing it will be doing a crime and can be sent to jail. Even if such a contract is registered in another country, it will have no legal value in Pakistan. If someone does a proxy marriage in Pakistan and registers it abroad, he will be committing a crime.

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