Nikah halala Pakistan

Is halala Pakistan legal?

Nikah Halala Pakistan: Halala Pakistan is like a marriage with an expiry date. After pronouncing divorce to wife, most people start repenting and start finding a way to rejoin finding the way of nikah halala in Pakistan, which most of the time is advised by some local molvis. Nikah halala in Pakistan, or halala service in Pakistan, is illegal and, in fact, a crime. Those couples who want to join each other as husband and wife after divorce doesn’t need to go to halala Pakistan. Halala in Lahore or Halala in Pakistan law is not legal at all. Anyone offering halala services in Pakistan is also doing a crime. For nikah in Pakistan with the same person, you may contact Advocate Jamila.

Nikah halala Pakistan

Solution for Halala Pakistan: Now, if nikah halala Pakistan or halala services in Pakistan is a crime, then what is the solution for couples who want to join together again? The Muslim family law ordinance 1961, section 7 (6) presents the solution to this issue. This section clearly says that if a couple wants to join together after divorce, they can remarry again. There is no need for halala services in Pakistan. Halala in Pakistan law is illegal. Big cities like Lahore, Karachi offer halala in Lahore and Karachi. All these activities are illegal. Our law firm can conduct your remarriage or court marriage in Pakistan. without any nikah halala Pakistan.

Halala in Pakistan law: Halala in Pakistan is not legal. Even in the context of sharia, if someone does a nikah in Pakistan with the intention that after some time, they will get a divorce, then the nikah itself is fasik (Void abnitio). Marriage should be without an expiry date. The law is totally against the halala in Lahore or Pakistan. Anyone doing halala already has the intention that after a certain time, they have to be divorced, which is against the sharia. Law in Pakistan is in line with Sharia. There can be no law in Pakistan against Islamic injunctions, and nikah halala Pakistan is against Islamic injunctions. For remarriage or online marriage in Pakistan also, you may contact us.

Halala in Lahore: If you are looking for halala in Lahore, let us tell you that it is illegal and haram. So there is no need of nikah halala Pakistan. Halala in Pakistan law is a crime as well. So instead of doing a haram thing, you may contact our law firm, and we may conduct your remarriage with the same spouse without halala. Keep in mind that it is a crime if anyone is offering you halala services in Pakistan. It tells you that you don’t need halala to remarry the same person. After the divorce procedure in Pakistan, if you want to remarry, you may contact us.

Halala services in Pakistan: Halala services in Pakistan are illegal and haram. Nikah halala Pakistan is never required if you want to marry the same person after the khula in Pakistan. If you are from Lahore, there is no need for a halala in Lahore. You can directly approach our law firm to remarry with the same person without any intervening marriage as per halala in Pakistan law.


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