Khula Ki Iddat Kitne Hai

Khula Ki Iddat Kitne Hai?

Khula ki Iddat Kitne Hai?

Majority of our Pakistani ask a Questions related to the “khula ki iddat” The Family Law is very clear for khula k baad iddat. Basically the idat days after khula is 90 days for every females. And if you want to get the information in Islamic point of view then you need to ask a questions with the molvi.

What is the Role of Arbitration Council?

The arbitration council try to solve the issue between the husband and wife. If the issue is solve then there is no divorce between both parties. And the concept of Islam/sharia and arbitration council are same.

The Most Important purpose of iddat period With in Islamic law:

Clarification of Paternity: In case of Khula, You can ensure the Child paternity during the marriage.

Reconciliation Opportunity: The Law of Iddat give you option the potential reconciliation between the husband and wife. During this time, they may reconsider their decision and attempt to resolve their differences.

Preventing Hasty Decisions: You can reback Your Divorce Option during the iddat period. And the ensure that the decision to divorce is well-considered.

Duration of the Iddat Period in Khula for Females:

Here we have discuss the 2 main circumstance on the time period of khula and duration of khula iddat period in Pakistan.

For Women Who Have Not Consummated the Marriage: If the marriage has not been consummated, the iddat period is typically three menstrual cycles or three months, whichever comes first.

For Women Who Have Consummated the Marriage: If the marriage has been consummated, the iddat period lasts for three menstrual cycles. If the woman does not experience menstruation, the waiting period will be three months from the date of divorce.

Note: During the Iddat, the Responsibility of husband is to financial support and also give the children monthly expense. If you husband not give the financial support then the wife has right to file case against the husband.

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