Medication in Divorce

Mediation in Divorce


When the couples are in the phase of divorce they can adopt the procedure of mediation in divorce. Mediation in divorce is done through a neutral party. The neutral party intervenes in the process of divorce and tries to have conciliation between the parties. Mediation in divorce is not only done on the point of divorce but it can be also done on other issues related to divorce. There are lots of benefits of mediation in divorce. Through mediation in divorce, you can not only settle the issues of divorce but you can also some other issues like child custody and maintenance, etc. Lots of issues between spouses occurs when you do not talk about the issues. When you hire a mediator then the spouse gets a chance to address their grievances. When the grievances are addressed then there is always a chance of it getting resolved. When the issues start getting resolved most of the time the conciliation between the parties occurs. Mediation in divorce is a very good tool to save the matrimonial life. Marriage is a sensitive issue and it becomes more sensitive when the children are attached to it. The process of mediation can stop the divorce procedure in Pakistan between the parties.


To know what mediation in divorce is you have to understand what mediation is. Mediation is a process where a third person intervenes in your issue and tries to resolve the issues outside the court. The mediation is always by the mutual consent of the parties concerned. No one can force the couples to come for mediation. The mediation in divorce happens only when the spouse is ready for the mediation. If the spouse doesn’t want mediation it will not happen. Anyone can be a mediator. The lawyer is an expert in family issues and family cases so better to hire a lawyer for mediation. The lawyer will not only address your divorce issue but can also draft your deed if the mediation is successful. The lawyer can also have your issues settled outside the court and if it is related to the child custody issue. The court also conducts the mediation in the cases of Khula in Pakistan.


If you are wondering what is purpose of mediation in divorce then let us guide you that the court proceedings take time in Pakistan. Through the way of mediation in divorce, you may settle your issues outside the court. Settling the issues outside the court will save you money and time. When the mediation fails you may approach the court but it is better to first have mediation in divorce so that you may avoid the court proceedings. The purpose of mediation in divorce is to settle the issues outside the court and there are huge benefits of mediation in divorce. Even after the court decree when you submit it to the arbitration council they also try the mediation process before issuing you the divorce certificate in Pakistan.


If you are wondering what happens after mediation in divorce then let us guide you that in mediation there are only two options. One option is that after mediation in divorce either conciliation occurs or not. If conciliation occurs then the couple can go home happily. If conciliation does not occur then both the parties reserve the right to approach the court. The talaq in Pakistan can convert into conciliation between the spouses so better to give mediation a chance.

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