Non Marriage Certificate in Pakistan

Non-Marriage Certificate

Non Marriage Certificate:

A non-marriage certificate in Pakistan, also known as an unmarried status certificate or Single Status Certificate, is an official document issued by the Secretary of the concerned Union Council. The Non-Marriage Certificate plays a very important role in various legal, administrative, and personal matters like getting a passport, applying for immigration or visa purposes, inheritance claims, or entering into a contractual agreement. The non-marriage certificate in Pakistan is typically issued by the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) or other relevant government departments.

How to Fill a Non-Marriage Certificate for Pension?

To fill in and prepare a non-remarriage certificate for pension and other purposes, here you need to follow these easy steps:

Get the required form: Contact the pension authority or relevant department to issue non-remarriage certificates for pension purposes. Request the official form or download it from the law website, if available.

Personal information: Fill in your personal details accurately like full name, date of birth, address, contact information, and any identification numbers or pension reference numbers

Marital status: Declare your status as “Married and unmarried on the given form.

Supporting documentation: Provide the other legal supporting documents, if it is required.

Witness and signature: If the Non-Marriage Certificate is required, a Witness and Signature. If the witness is required and also requires the signature, then arrange a witness.

Submission: Once the form is completed, review it for accuracy and completeness. Make a copy of the filled form and any supporting documents for your records.

A Non-Marriage Certificate from Union Council:

A non-marriage certificate issued by the Union Council serves as an official document that verifies your individual’s status. The Union Council, being a local administrative body, is responsible for registering births, deaths, and marriages within its jurisdiction.

Frequently Ask Questions:

How to Get a Non-Marriage Certificate Online in Pakistan?

If you are an Overseas Pakistani and a Citizen of Pakistan and want to get a Non-Marriage Certificate Online, then here you need to understand the Easy Steps With the help of ADV Jamila Ali/Best Lawyer in Lahore.

In which city are we providing the Online Non-Marriage Certificate?

We are providing non-marriage papers all over Pakistan.

What is the Validity of a Non-Marriage Certificate?

The Validity of the Non-Marriage Certificate is Six Months

Can I self-attest my documents?

In Pakistan, self-attest documents are not accepted.

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