Postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan – A Complete Guide 2023

Postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan:

A Postnuptial Agreement in Pakistan is an agreement between the spouse after the marriage. This agreement is also called a post-marital agreement. This agreement allows them to resolve their disputes during the marriage. This agreement can also be drafted during the proceedings of divorce in Pakistan. The spouse can resolve their issues through this agreement instead of in court. This agreement is popular in Pakistan nowadays. The spouse can resolve all types of issues through postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan. Resolving their issues in this way is quick and economical. The postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan can be prepared anytime before the divorce certificate in Pakistan is issued. Once the divorce certificate is issued, they are no longer husband and wife. The spouse can resolve all their financial, assets, and maintenance issues through this agreement.

Legal Requirements of Postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan:

The legal requirements of postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan requires as below.

  • Written agreement: The postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan should be in writing as the court in Pakistan does not give weight to the oral agreement. It is always better that whatever is decided between the spouse may be reduced to writing.
  • Voluntary agreement: The agreement between the spouses requires to be voluntary. Any such agreement which is an outcome of coercion or influence can be considered void by the court. The agreement should be through the free will of the spouse.
  • In detail: The agreement should be in detail. Before the divorce in Pakistan, the spouse can resolve their issue through it. It is required to mention the details of all the things agreed upon by the spouse. In detail, the rights and liabilities must be mentioned in the agreement.

To be prepared by a Lawyer in Pakistan:

It is good to have the postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan prepared by a lawyer in Pakistan. A lawyer better knows the legal outcome of an agreement. A single mistake in the agreement can make your life miserable. A professional lawyer will always prepare this agreement per his client’s law and requirements. Both parties must mutually agree upon the agreement prepared. If any party is unsatisfied with the agreement, then he or she can refuse to sign the documents. It is better to have your issues resolved through agreement; otherwise, the matter will be resolved in court.

Should be According to Law and Religion?

The postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan must be inconsistent with the law and religion. If there is anything in the agreement which is against the law or the religion, then such part of the agreement can be void. No parties to the agreement can mutually agree to something against Pakistan’s law and religion.

Benefits of Postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan:

There are many benefits of preparing postnuptial Agreements in Pakistan; some are below.

  • This agreement resolves the issues between the spouse outside the court
  • It can save you the money you have to spend on litigation in courts.
  • It saves time compared to the lengthy court process.



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