Divorce law in Pakistan:

 Both males and females can get a divorce in Pakistan according to the divorce law in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila is an expert family lawyer who can follow your legal divorce process in Pakistan. Since 2009 we have conducted thousands of divorce cases in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila can follow your divorce procedure in Pakistan quickly. The procedure of divorce in Pakistan is conducted in family courts and an arbitration council. After the divorce from union council and family court, a divorce decree is issued to you which is the proof of divorce in Pakistan. You just have to visit us with divorce documents and leave the rest to us for the quick divorce procedure. Divorce settlements in Pakistan are not applicable as it is not the divorce law in Pakistan. We have expert divorce solicitors working with us. The procedure to file a divorce case in Pakistan and Khula process is dealt with expertly by us. The divorce procedure for a newly married is the same as the divorce after many years. Divorce in Pakistan is valid in the UK and other parts of the world. If you hire us you can also get the divorce papers online and after your signature, we can proceed with your divorce. There is no divorce before marriage. Divorce notices to husband are sent by the family courts when the case is of divorce by the wife. The procedure of divorce before rukhsati is the same as divorce after rukhsati. The procedure of divorce before consummation of marriage is the same as divorce after the consummation of the marriage. Divorce by mutual consent is also possible.

divorce procedure

Pakistani law recognizes divorce conditions in Islam. Females can file a case of divorce during pregnancy also however it will be operational after childbirth. We also have the facility of divorce E filing. The divorce format in Pakistan is different in all cases. Divorce in anger may be recognized in Islam but the law has its own procedure. A divorce judgment is given by the family courts. Islam recognizes different divorce kinds but in law, there is only one way of divorce. Iddat after divorce is required to be observed by a female. We have economic divorce costs however we don’t have a divorce consultation fee. Divorce method in Pakistan is provided in divorce law in Pakistan and you can also Advocate Jamila directly. A divorce notice in Pakistan is required to be sent to the husband or wife by the one who initiates a divorce. The divorce timeline depends on the circumstances. Mutual divorce deed in Pakistan in the cases of talaq process can also be drafted to proceed with the divorce through divorce deed format and this divorce deed can also be on stamp paper. The wife has to take a divorce through the court in Pakistan by appointing a lawyer. We also provide online divorce and services in Pakistan. We also follow the divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani as overseas divorce in Pakistan is now possible without personally being in Pakistan. For divorce, for overseas Pakistani, you can contact us. If you have any questions as to how to get a divorce in Pakistan you can call Advocate Jamila directly.

The procedure of divorce in Pakistan: 

As per the legal procedure of divorce in Pakistan there is a different process for the male and female so we divide the divorce procedure in Pakistan into two sets. The first is divorce by a male in Pakistan and the other is divorce by female in Pakistan as below.

  • Divorce by male: A male has to file his case of divorce in the court of arbitration council to complete the procedure of divorce in Pakistan. Proceedings of at least 90 days are mandatory however there is no limit to the maximum timeline provided in the law which is some of the times misused by government officials.
  1. A divorce deed is prepared
  2. The original is sent to the arbitration court
  3. A copy is sent to the wife
  4. The court call both the husband and wife through a notice
  5. Two members are appointed as arbitrators
  6. If arbitration fails the Nadra divorce certificate is issues

You can avail of our services to get it done even in a week. Please call for details

  • Divorce by female:

     A wife has to file her divorce in family court through a divorce lawyer on some special grounds which is required to be proved by her lawyer. She can get a divorce only if her lawyer proves her case. Once your case is proved by your lawyer the court will issue you the divorce decree and give divorce judgment in your favor. We are divorce experts and have dealt with thousands on divorce cases and we will be more than happy to file your case in family court. Always hire a professional divorce lawyer who can prove the case otherwise the whole exercise will be fruitless. Remember that a female can get a divorce from the court only on strong grounds which require to be proved in the court on the evidence stage. A husband in Pakistan doesn’t need any reason to divorce the wife whereas a wife needs strong grounds to prove her case in court. The divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani is also available for females who can’t come to Pakistan.

Divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani:

 Overseas divorce in Pakistan is possible. Now you don’t need to especially travel to Pakistan for divorce for overseas Pakistani. All you need to do that the husband or wife has to appoint a lawyer through a special power attorney attested through the Pakistani embassy or consulate so that we can proceed with the divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani. The divorce procedure for overseas Pakistani is now easy. All you need to do is appoint us as your lawyer and we will do the rest. In some cases, you can also avoid sending the power of attorney through the embassy. If you are sending the power of attorney then on receiving it, it is attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan. Even if you are a Pakistani or foreign national you can divorce in Pakistan. Call us and we will guide you when you can avoid it.


 We the expert divorce lawyers know how to process a divorce in Pakistan. We being professionals follow a quick divorce procedure in Pakistan. Many things in Pakistan work out of books also which cannot be discussed here so feel free to contact us maybe we get you a divorce in a week also. Divorce law in Pakistan is in the favor of both husband and wife what matters is the procedure which is followed.


DIVORCE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED? Documents required for divorce are ID card and marriage certificate copy. Some additional divorce documents may also be required to process divorce in Pakistan depending on the circumstance. In case you don’t have a copy of marriage still you can apply for divorce. Even if you don’t have any divorce documents still you can proceed with your divorce. The more documents you have the more it will be easy for your lawyer to proceed with your divorce. You can also consult us on your issue so that we can guide you regarding the possibilities available for divorce documents. Normally the nikahnama registration paper is required to file the case.

DO WE HAVE LAW OF DIVORCE SETTLEMENT IN PAKISTAN? No! We do not have the law of divorce settlement in Pakistan. Many European countries have divorce settlement laws in which the property of husband and wife are distributed equally but there is no such concept here. In Pakistan, the property and bank balance are of a person in whose name it is whether husband or wife. In Pakistan, the properties and other assets are not distributed between husband and wife however if you want any settlement you can do it with a mutual understanding of husband and wife.

DO YOU HAVE DIVORCE SOLICITORS? Yes! We have professional divorce solicitors available. We can help and assist you if you want to proceed with your divorce procedure in Pakistan and also for Judicial separation in Pakistan

WHAT IS THE DIVORCE PROCEDURE FOR A NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE? Divorce cannot be differentiated between a newly married couple or the couple married for years. The divorce procedure for the newly married couple is the same as the couple married for many years. The procedure will remain the same if the couple had a court marriage in Pakistan.

WHAT IS THE DIVORCE PROCEDURE FOR ADULTERY? For adultery, there is not a separate kind of proceedings however adultery may be used as a ground for obtaining a divorce by both husband and wife. You don’t need to always take the ground of adultery for applying the divorce however different grounds are available for a wife if she wants to get a divorce. A male in Pakistan does not need any grounds to divorce his wife.

IS DIVORCE IN PAKISTAN VALID IN THE UK? Yes! Divorce in Pakistan is valid in the Uk and other parts of the world. Pakistani marriage or divorce does not get expired when you travel to the UK or anywhere. For example, when you get married or divorce in the UK and come to Pakistan we don’t ask you to get married or to get divorced again, same is the case when you get married or divorced in Pakistan it is accepted anywhere in Pakistan however the divorce decree is required to be attested by the foreign office if you want to use it abroad.

CAN WE HAVE DIVORCE PAPERS ONLINE IN PAKISTAN? For the procedure of divorce in Pakistan, you have to hire a lawyer and discuss your case with him. After the discussion, the lawyer prepares the file for you. There cannot be a template for all the divorce cases as every case is a separate case however it is possible that after preparation of documents, we can send you the divorce papers online in Pakistan via email, etc. You can have an online divorce or online marriage in Pakistan through our law firm.

CAN YOU DIVORCE BEFORE MARRIAGE? There is no divorce before marriage. For divorce, you need to be married.

CAN I SEND DIVORCE LETTER TO MY HUSBAND? No! A wife cannot send a divorce letter to her husband because a wife does not have the right to divorce her husband. She has to apply for divorce in family court through a lawyer. It’s the court that will send the notice to the husband to appear before the court and contest the case.

CAN WE GET DIVORCE BEFORE RUKHSATI? Yes! You can get a divorce before rukhsati. Once your marriage is registered you are legally husband and wife therefore whether rukhsati took place or not is immaterial and you have to follow the divorce law in Pakistan.

CAN YOU DIVORCE BY SMS IN ISLAM? We are a law firm so we can guide legally only. For your question can you divorce by SMS in Islam or not? You can ask a religious scholar. Legally divorce happens when proper divorce proceedings are finalized as per divorce law in Pakistan.

CAN YOU DIVORCE BEFORE CONSUMMATION OF MARRIAGE? Yes! You can divorce before consummation of the marriage. Once marriage is registered legally the divorce is required to be legally followed. Sometimes there is no consummation between the spouse especially when the spouse has done the online nikah in Pakistan.

CAN WE DIVORCE BY MUTUAL CONSENT? Yes! You can divorce by mutual consent however you will still need to follow the divorce procedure in Pakistan with consent to finalize it.

DO WE GET DIVORCE FROM UNION COUNCIL IN PAKISTAN? Only males can get a divorce from the union council in Pakistan whereas the female has to file a divorce case in the family court.

WHAT IS MUTUAL DIVORCE DEED? A mutual divorce deed in Pakistan is a deed through which a husband and wife mutually agree on divorce. A divorce deed format in Pakistan can be prepared by your lawyer. This divorce deed in Urdu or English should be according to the law. If you want to draft a divorce deed or talaqnama you can contact us. Through this divorce registered deed, you can proceed with your divorce in the court of the arbitration council. Divorce deed validity remains until it is canceled. You can settle many claims through divorce deed mutual consent. Mutual divorce deed is a bit technical so better ask your lawyer to get it prepared for you as per the understanding between husband and wife and as per law permitted. Instead of being a lawyer yourself better ask your legal expert to prepare it for you so that you may not face any problems in the future. A good lawyer in Pakistan can save both your time and money. Call us for a divorce deed specimen or template.