Pvt Ltd Company Vs Partnership Firm

Pvt Ltd Company:

Pvt Ltd Stands for Private Limited Company. A Private Limited Company is the Basic Company in Pakistan. The Private Limited Company May be Issue the Stock and have the Share, But the Share is Not Available to the public for trading. The liabilities of a Private Limited Company are almost limited.

How Many Directors are in a Private Company?

In the Light of Companies Act, 2013 the limit of Company directors is 2.

Partnership Firm

In a Partnership, 2 or more 2 people agree to work together and also share the Profit and loss mutually. A partnership company is the association of persons with a Partner who work with a common objective of providing goods and services to customers. The Partnership may Be Individuals, businesses, interest-based, etc.

What are the 4 types of partnership?

Sole proprietorships

  1. Partnerships:
  2. Corporations:
  3. Limited partnerships

Which is Better Partnership or Company?

A Partnership is Suitable for 2 or more 2 people, who wish to run a business with a Specific agreement. And the Private limited company is suitable for 3 partners and the important thing is that the Private Limited Company Should be Register. So if you want to register your any kind of company then choose our Law firms in Lahore. The Liability of a partnership firm is the same as that of its partners. If the firm goes into liquidation or bankruptcy, the partners are jointly responsible for the repayment of debt. They are also liable for any legal action against the firm.

Who is the Owner of a Private Limited Company?

Here the most important question is who is the owner of a private limited company? The shareholders are the owner of Private Limited Company and the directors are the managers

Where to register a Company in Pakistan?

If you want to register your company in Pakistan then u must need to get the services from the Lawyers in Lahore. They know how to register the company in the light of Pakistan law and where to register a private Limited company.

How Much Time Need to Register a Company:

It does not take a lot of time times. If your documents are 100% verified then little time need to register a company by the lawyers.

Which Documents Need to Register a Company in Pakistan?

If you want to register your company then here u need to arrange your legal documents. The Following documents just need to register your company.

  • NTN Number
  • Registration Proof
  • Bank Account Number
  • Verified Business Address etc.




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