Rights of Divorce and Khula

Rights of Divorce or Khula

Rights of Divorce or Khula:

Hi there, if you want to know the Right of divorce, or Khula, for females, then you need to consult with the ADV Jamila Ali. She will Guide you in the light of Islam and the Family Laws of Pakistan.

Injustice from the Husband:

In the case of Injustice from the Husband, The woman can dissolve her marriage in three different ways. The three different ways are given below:

  • Mutual Divorce
  • Khula
  • Talaq-i-Tafweez

In this Type of Divorce, both parties do not need to approach the court. The Marriage will end easily if you follow the steps. In which Both Parties prepare the mutual divorce Agreement and send the notice under the Ordinance of Muslim Family Law. In this Process, the responsibilities of the government are in the process of notice issuance before the dissolution of certificate marriage.


If the woman Does not get the right to Divorce in Nikahnama, then she has a way to get the Khula from court.

Family Law Ordinance:

According to the Family Law Ordinance, the wife has a right to apply for Khula with the help of a lawyer if she cannot live with her husband. And in this step, the lawyer takes an oath from the wife, which helps to make a case better.

So, if you want to Make Your Case strong of Khula, then discuss it with the best Advocate in Lahore. Jamila Law Associate will give you proper guidance regarding your issue.

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