Talaq in Pakistan is the right of the husband. Legal talaq procedure in Pakistan is initiated by the husband when he submits the talaq and Khula form in Pakistan before the court of the arbitration council. In Pakistan triple talaq law still exist and in Pakistan triple talaq ban does not exist however there is a proposal that 3 talaq procedures should be banned and currently, this is just a proposal. The Talaq procedure in Islam does not require documentation however legally the procedure of talaq in Pakistan should be registered. Pakistani law does not recognize oral talaq in Pakistan. Pakistani law also does not recognize talaq on phones, talaq on messages, etc. Pakistani law accepts talaq only when the Nadra talaq certificate in Pakistan is issued by the court. If you need a talaq certificate in Pakistan contact Advocate Jamila as she is an expert in the talaq case. She can get your talaq certificate in no time.

On talaq forms, talaq conditions can be mentioned as the talaq format. Talaq notice in Pakistan is required to be given to the wife as per the talaq law in Pakistan. The talaq on stamp paper is prepared along with talaqnama forms. Talaq without witnesses is irregular, not void. Contact Advocate Jamila if you wish to get a Nadra talaq certificate as we can process it within a week and process your case of dissolution of marriage.


 Below is the talaq procedure in Pakistan

  • The Talaq procedure requires that a talaqnama be prepared on stamp paper.
  • Original be submitted in the court of the arbitration council
  • A copy is sent to the wife through a registered post.
  • The arbitration council starts the proceedings and issued notices to both parties
  • Both parties are required to appoint two family members as arbitrators.
  • The court tries to have a reconciliation between the husband and wife
  • It’s a 90 days minimum proceeding whereas there is no time limit for the maximum days of proceedings which is most of the time misused also.
  • Once proceedings are completed you are issued a Nadra talaq certificate.

Many things in Pakistan are not by the books as everything is possible in Pakistan which cannot be mentioned here. Please call Advocate Jamila so that we can guide you that how you can speed up the proceedings. We can also process your talaq certificate in a week.


 There is no particular talaq form in Pakistan. Every talaq has its conditions and circumstances so always hire the services of an expert talaq lawyer in Pakistan who can prepare the talaq forms in Pakistan for you because the wording used in these forms by you can also be against you in any court of law. If a female needs talaq she needs to go for the khula procedure in Pakistan.


 When the proceedings of talaq in Pakistan get finalized you are issued a Nadra talaq certificate in Pakistan. This certificate is issued from the software of Nadra this is the reason it is called the Nadra talaq certificate in Pakistan. A minimum of 90 days of proceedings are required to get it however contact Advocate Jamila as we can also get it processed in a week which will save your time. If you are in Pakistan or abroad as an overseas Pakistani you can contact us for the Nadra talaq certificate which we can process for you within a week. The certificate of talaq in Pakistan is the only proof that you are now legally divorced. Pakistani law does not require any other proof. Even after the court marriage in Pakistan, the talaq procedure remains the same.


 Pakistan triple talaq law still exists in Pakistan and there is no ban on triple talaq in Pakistan however there is a proposal from the Islamic ideology council that in Pakistan triple talaq ban should be imposed. It is just a proposal and there is no amendment in law in this regard. Until there is an amendment in the law regarding the procedure of talaq in Pakistan there can be no ban but some people and officials have started to observe it by themselves which is against the law. There can be no ban on something until the law has banned something.


WHAT IS TALAQ PROCEDURE IN SHIA SECT? The talaq procedure in the Shia sect required that sigas be read in the presence of witnesses but it is a religious way of talaq. Pakistani law only has one talaq procedure in Pakistan as mentioned above. Whenever in any official department you will say that you are divorced the official will require a Nadra talaq certificate in Pakistan from you. No one is going to ask you whether you have read sigas or not so please do not mix the legal procedure of talaq in Pakistan with your religious belief. You can read sigas if you want to but to be officially divorced you will require a certificate of talaq from Pakistan. A copy of the nikahnama registration for talaq is optional.

WHAT IS TALAQ PROCEDURE IN ISLAM? In the Talaq procedure in Islam, there is no registration. Islam recognizes verbal talaq but Pakistani law requires the registration of talaq in Pakistan. For the detailed talaq procedure in Islam, you can contact a religious scholar as we are a law firm and can guide you legally only.

WHAT ARE 3 TALAQ PROCEDURES IN PAKISTAN? The 3 talaq procedures in Pakistan require that the wordings used in the talaqnama should say talaq e salsa with the word “TALAQ” 3 times mentioned on it. It should also say that this is full and final talaq and reconciliation is not possible.

WHAT IS TALAQ E TAFWEEZ? In Islam, the only husband can talaq his wife and the wife cannot talaq her husband however talaq e tafweez is a delegated right of divorce to wife from the husband. If in nikahnama it is mentioned that the husband has delegated the right of divorce to the wife or has given talaq e tafweez to the wife then the wife can also talaq her husband in the same way as the husband can talaq his wife. Even during the procedure of online marriage in Pakistan, the husband can give the right of divorce to the wife.

CAN TALAQ BE REVOKED? Yes! Talaq can be revoked legally anytime before the talaq certificate in Pakistan is issued but once Nadra talaq certificate is issued you have to remarry your wife again with a new Haq Mehar.

CAN YOU TALAQ BEFORE RUKHSATI? Yes! You can talaq before rukhsati. You are married once you have done your nikah. Rukhsati or no rukhsati does not change your marital status so you can talaq before rukhsati and talaq after rukhsati also.

WHAT TALAQ CONDITIONS CAN BE MENTIONED? It is totally up to the husband whether he wants to mention talaq conditions on the talaqnama or not. On the talaq deed, you can also mention the condition that the talaq will be finalized if she does not come back home. If there is any other talaq condition you want to mention you can do it There is no bar by law to not mention any talaq condition however in this type of situation always hire the services of an expert lawyer who can prepare a better draft for you. Even during the process of online nikah in Pakistan, the conditions of talaq can be decided by the spouse.

IS TALAQ DURING PREGNANCY VALID? Yes! Talaq during pregnancy is valid. You can talaq during pregnancy but the talaq will be operational only after the birth of a child. Before childbirth, you can reconcile with your wife.

WHERE TO GET TALAQ FORM? There is no particular talaq form in Pakistan available. If you have hired the services of a lawyer you can ask him to prepare the talaq forms for you. Every talaq has its circumstances so it is drafted accordingly. You can also visit your nearest stamp vendor to issue you the talaq forms.

WHAT SHOULD BE THE TALAQ FORMAT IN PAKISTAN? There is no specific talaq format in Pakistan available as talaq format in Pakistan is changed as per every talaq circumstance and situation.

WHAT IS TALAQ LAW IN PAKISTAN? The talaq law in Pakistan is very clear that a husband can talaq his wife for a reason or without a reason. It is an arbitrary right of the husband which he can exercise whenever he likes. No one can stop a husband from talaq his wife however there are always pros on cons of a right. If you wish to talaq your wife at least consult your lawyer so that he can advise you in a better way. You can also consult advocate Jamila if you wish to talaq your wife and later on need a proxy marriage in Pakistan.

WHO SEND TALAQ NOTICE? The talaq notice is sent by the husband to the wife through a registered post. Once you have started your proceedings in the court of arbitration council then the court also sends talaq notices to the other party to appear before it. If you want to know how you can avoid the delay in notices contact us as everything in Pakistan is possible.

WHERE TO GET TALAQ NAMA FORM? Ask your lawyer to prepare talaq Nama forms for you according to your requirements.

CAN YOU TALAQ ON PHONE? Talaq on phone may be valid as per Islam but the only legal procedure of talaq in Pakistan is the procedure mentioned above. Pakistani law on talaq requires a Nadra talaq certificate in Pakistan which is the only proof of talaq. You cannot show someone the call history that you have talaq on phone. Proxy marriage in Pakistan happens on calls through a lawyer but for divorce the law is different. 

CAN YOU TALAQ ON MESSAGE? Talaq on a message in Pakistan may be fine to inform your wife but to be officially divorced you will need to have a talaq certificate in Pakistan. No government official or department is going to accept you’re your talaq on message.

IS TALAQ ON STAMP PAPER VALID? Talaq on stamp paper is called talaq Nama or talaq deed. You can prepare talaq on stamp paper or talaq on plain white paper also there is no bar on it but better to prepare talaq on stamp paper. Preparing talaq nama on stamp paper and sending it to your wife does not mean that you are divorced. The complete procedure of talaq in Pakistan is required to be followed. If you don’t have a talaq certificate in Pakistan issued after the complete proceedings you will be considered as married even after 50 years.

IS TALAQ WITHOUT WITNESSES VALID? Yes! Talaq without witnesses is valid. Talaq without witnesses in Pakistan is irregular but not void. For details, you may contact a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.