Tenant Meaning in Urdu

What is Tenant Meaning in Urdu?

A tenant is an individual agreement who Uses property and occupies it, such as a home or a single apartment that is owned by other people.

What is a tenancy Agreement?

The tenancy is a legal contract and agreement between a landlord and a tenant. Which outline the terms and conditions related to the renting of a property. It Legal document under the constitution of Pakistan. And it also gives security to the landlord and tenant and ensures a peaceful and harmonious relationship throughout the tenancy period.

Why the Tenancy Agreement is Necessary?

  • To Establish the Legal Relationship between Landlord and Tenant
  • To protect the Rights and Interests.

Major terms and Conditions of Tenancy Agreement?

  • Rental Amount
  • Payment Due Dates
  • Length of the tenancy agreement
  • Conditions for Closed the tenancy

Having a written agreement between Landlord and tenant can help prevent misunderstandings or disputes, and through this tenancy agreement, both parties can resolve any issues that may arise during the tenancy.

4 Main and Basic Laws Related to the Rent and tenancy Restriction:

  1. Ordinance 2001 for the federal & Capital
  2. Ordinance 1959 For Punjab/ NWFP/Baluchistan rent Restriction (regulates tenancies in these three provinces)
  3. Ordinance 1979 (Sindh rent premises Ordinance)
  4. Cantonment Rent Restriction act 1963

Is Landlord keeps Original Rent Agreement in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the original rent agreement is usually kept by the landlord, because who is the owner of the property? But the tenant may also keep a copy of the agreement for their records. In case of any disputes or legal issues, the rent agreement can be used as evidence in court

How Many Years is a Tenancy Agreement Valid?

Under the constitution of Pakistan, the time period of the Tenancy Agreement is 12 months (1 Year). And how can we get more questions on this Topic? Here you need to directly ask the Lawyer in Pakistan.


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