Dfa 144 in Pakistan

What is Dfa 144 in Pakistan


Section 144 or dafa 144 in Pakistan is a section in the Criminal Procedure Code of Pakistan 1898 that empowers the district government to issue orders in the Public interest to ban a particular activity for a specific time or date. The district government is also empowered to get its orders implemented through law enforcement agencies like the police etc. Those who violate section 144 CrPC Pakistan are punished by the law. As per section 144 Pakistan law anyone who violates the orders from the government can be arrested by the police. As per section 144 punishment for its violation is jail for up to 6 months or a fine of up to 10 thousand rupees. Dafa 144 Pakistan is frequently used by the government on various events where there is a chance of public nuisance or where the public is in danger. For details, you can also read the criminal procedure code of Pakistan 1898.

SECTION 144 CrPC Pakistan:

Normally dafa 144 in Pakistan refers to the section CrPC Pakistan. Section 144 Pakistan law is very clear that whenever the government sees that the lives of people can be in danger or where there is a chance of public nuisance the government can ban a specific event. For example, in Moharram, the government bans pillion rides on motorcycles. This type of law enables the government to maintain the public safety. Sometimes this law is also misused. If you think that the law is misused and you are wrongfully arrested you may contact our lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Section 144 Punishment is up to 6 months so better to hire a good lawyer. Section 144 CrPC Pakistan is used as a preventive measure by the government.


Section 144 Pakistan law is a preventive law. This preventive section 144 CrPC Pakistan can save people’s lives and property if used correctly. Dafa 144 in Pakistan is most of the time misused by the government for its ulterior motives. Section 144 punishment threatens the people to abstain from its violation. Most of the time not only does the government misuse this law but also the police officials also misuse it. This misuse of a law violates people’s rights and freedom. People’s rights and freedom should be given more respect than grinding your axe. Section 144 Pakistan law is exercised as a preventive measure so it should be misused or used cruelly against the people. If you are aggrieved with the misuse of law you may contact our advocate in Lahore Pakistan.


Dafa 144 in Pakistan only tells what the law is. Section 144 CrPC Pakistan does not give the punishment. In section 144 punishment is not mentioned. The punishment for violation of section 144 of Pakistan law is given in the Pakistan penal code given in section 188 of Pakistan penal code 1860. The section 144 punishment is 6 months in jail or a fine up to Rs10000 or both. For detailed section 144 punishment please read Pakistan penal code 1860.

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