Birth certificate Nadra Pakistan is the registration of birth certificate in Pakistan. Through the birth certificate union council, every birth and death of every Pakistani requires to be registered. The birth certificate application form is submitted to get it registered as per the birth certificate format. Birth certificate attestation from the Ministry of foreign affairs Pakistan is required when you wish to use it abroad. A birth certificate check online is possible to ascertain whether the birth certificate is original or not. A birth certificate duplicate is possible if you have a computerized birth certificate in Pakistan. Birth certificate correction is also possible if there is any mistake in it. For birth certificate documents required are parent’s ID cards and hospital letters. Birth certificate English translation can also be done if it is already not in English. Some countries require birth certificate embassy attestation also if you want to use it in other countries. Our law firm can guide you about the issuance of the birth certificate procedure in Pakistan. Through birth certificate Pakistan tracking you can verify birth certificate online in Pakistan. Please call Advocate Jamila for details.

Birth certificate NadraBIRTH CERTIFICATE FORM:

The birth certificate form requires to be properly filled in to avoid any mistakes in the certificate. Birth certificate forms are available in the union council and you can also request us the forms of birth certificate.


A birth certificate in Pakistan is an official document regarding the entry of birth of any Pakistani citizen. If you have still not registered your birth certificate in Pakistan you can get it registered even if it is a late entry. You can also call our law firm in Lahore if you need any assistance.


Previously birth certificate registration was done on registers. Now birth certificate Nadra registration services are available due to which birth certificate online check is also available in the office of Nadra.


It is the union council from where the birth certificate is issued. The birth certificate union council keeps all the records of birth. Nowadays they use the software of Nadra through which you get a computerized birth certificate in Pakistan and other certificates like nadra divorce certificate and marriage certificate which can also be verified.


WHAT IS THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE FORMAT IN PAKISTAN? You can see the birth certificate format above in the picture however the government changes the format after some time so if you need the latest format you can call us. You may also contact us for the legalization of documents in Pakistan like the birth certificate.

WHERE TO SUBMIT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE APPLICATION FORM? The birth certificate application form is required to be submitted to the office of the union council. You can also hire the services of our law firm to submit the birth certificate application form through us.

CAN WE HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION FROM FOREIGN AFFAIRS PAKISTAN? Yes! You can have a birth certificate attestation from the foreign affairs Pakistan office. We can also assist you in this regard if you like

HOW TO DO BIRTH CERTIFICATE CORRECTION? Birth certificate correction can be done by applying to the same office from where it was issued. You can also contact us for a correction in the birth certificate and for nikahnama registration.

HOW BIRTH CERTIFICATE CAN BE CHECKED ONLINE? You cannot check a birth certificate online but you can verify it from the Nadra office whether the birth certificate is original or not.

IS EVERY BIRTH CERTIFICATE COMPUTERIZED? Yes! Previously the birth certificate was not computerized but nowadays every birth certificate is computerized.

CAN WE GET A BIRTH CERTIFICATE DUPLICATE COPY? Yes! You can get a birth certificate duplicate copy from where it is issued after giving them an application to issue you a duplicate copy. You can contact us for a duplicate copy and for apostille in Pakistan over any document.

WHAT BIRTH CERTIFICATE DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED? Birth certificate documents required are a copy of the parent’s ID card along with the hospital discharge letter. If you don’t have the required documents for a birth certificate in Pakistan you can call us and we will guide you accordingly.

DO WE NEED BIRTH CERTIFICATE ENGLISH TRANSLATION? No! You don’t need a birth certificate English translation as computerized birth certificates are already in English and Urdu both languages.

WHAT ARE BIRTH CERTIFICATE FEES IN PAKISTAN? There are nominal birth certificate fees in Pakistan but there might be service charges if you hire us to assist you in this regard

IS BIRTH CERTIFICATE EMBASSY ATTESTATION MANDATORY? In Pakistan, there is no such requirement of birth certificate embassy attestation but the country in which you are or the country you wish to move on may require you to have a birth certificate embassy attestation. We can also help you in this regard.

WHAT IS BIRTH CERTIFICATE PROCEDURE IN PAKISTAN? The birth certificate procedure in Pakistan only requires you to complete your required documents and visit the office of the union council. However, you can also hire the services of a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan if there is any legal issue that infringes your right.

CAN WE VERIFY BIRTH CERTIFICATE ONLINE? No! Currently, you cannot verify birth certificate online but soon, you may. You can verify it through the birth certificate tracking number from the Nadra office.