: Marriage certificate Nadra is a computerized marriage certificate in Pakistan. This marriage certificate Pakistan is issued after the registration of manual nikah Nama. Marriage certificate verification is Pakistan is possible through Nadra’s office after the nominal marriage certificate nadra fee. Marriage certificate attestation is done by my secretary union council. Marriage certificate form is submitted by registered nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan and marriage certificate Nadra online verification is possible once it is issued. We provide services for marriage certificate attestation in Pakistan. We also provide marriage certificate attestation UAE embassy in Pakistan and marriage certificate attestation Saudi embassy. Marriage certificate MOFA services are also available. We submit a marriage certificate application form with due diligence. For marriage certificate required documents are ID card copies or divorce certificate copy if divorced. We can also find a marriage certificate by Nadra if you have lost it. We can guide you on how to apply for marriage certificate in Lahore Pakistan. Marriage certificates in English and Urdu both are available. Marriage certificate online verification can be done in the office of Nadra office or from the UC from where it is issued through marriage certificate tracking id or CRMS number on it. Nadra marriage registration certificate is nowadays required for many purposes like Nadra update marital status on behalf of this Nadra English marriage certificate. The Nadra ID card after marriage certificate can be changed. The Nadra name change after marriage certificate is possible. The Nadra duplicate marriage certificate can also be granted if you have a copy or tracking ID. The Nadra marriage certificate for overseas Pakistani is the same as the nikahnama registration in Pakistan. Nadra marital status check is possible only if you have updated it in Nadra.


Marriage certificate Pakistan can be manual and computerized. Both the marriage certificate Pakistan has the same legal value but marriage certificate Nadra is nowadays required in all official departments and abroad because unlike manual registration it can be traced out easily through its tracking ID or CRMS number on it.


 Marriage certificate verification is possible for both manual marriage certificate and computerized marriage certificate from Nadra. Marriage certificate verification of Nadra marriage certificate in Pakistan is easy as you just have to put the tracking Id in the system and you get the record. For the manual registration, you need to take a copy of it in the union council where it is registered and manually find all the records from the register. We also provide the services of online nikah in Pakistan.


 A computerized marriage certificate Pakistan is an official document and the only proof of your marriage. All the government officials and countries abroad only accept this computerized marriage certificate due to its issuance from the Nadra software.


 Marriage certificate attestation is done by the secretary of the concerned union. Once the marriage certificate attestation is done it is valid and good for use. You don’t need further attestation from anywhere to make it valid. However, you have to attach the required documents for attestation for example Id cards etc. If you have gone through the divorce procedure in Pakistan then the divorce documents should also be attached.


Where to get a marriage certificate form? The marriage registrar who performs your marriage has a marriage certificate form and is filled according to the manual marriage certificate. We also have a marriage certificate form which we use for our clients.

IS NADRA MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ONLINE? Yes! The Nadra marriage certificate is online but having a certificate does not mean that it automatically sinks with your CNIC number. It can be tracked online.

WHO FILLS MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE APPLICATION? Your marriage registrar fills out the marriage certificate application to get you the computerized marriage certificate from Nadra. The marriage certificate application form is also available in our office if you need you can contact us.

WHAT ARE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS? The marriage certificate required documents are just a copy of the ID card of both husband and wife. In case anyone or both are divorced then a copy of the divorce certificate will be required. In case of the death of an ex-husband or wife then a copy of the death certificate will be required. In the case of a second marriage by the husband copy of a permission certificate from the first wife will be required. If the female has gone through the khula procedure in Pakistan then the khula documents will be attached along with the divorce certificate.

CAN WE FIND A MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE LOST? Yes! You can find a marriage certificate that is lost provided you have a copy of the certificate or you remember the tracking ID. We can also find you the lost marriage certificate.

IS MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE BY NADRA ACCEPTED ABROAD? Yes! The marriage certificate by Nadra is accepted abroad and in any part of the world. Our marriage certificate does not get invalid or expire after reaching abroad.

HOW TO APPLY FOR MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE? It is not you who have to apply for marriage certificate. Only a licensed marriage registrar who has registered your marriage or a law firm can apply for your marriage certificate.

IS THE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH OR URDU? Marriage certificates in Pakistan are of two types. The manual marriage certificate is in URDU language only however if you want you can also get it translated into English. The computerized Nadra marriage certificate is in English and URDU both languages so you don’t need to get it translated in the English language.

CAN YOU APPLY MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IN LAHORE PAKISTAN? Yes! We can apply for your marriage certificate in Lahore Pakistan. We provide paid services to our clients for the marriage and talaq process in Pakistan.

IS MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ONLINE VERIFICATION POSSIBLE? No! Currently, marriage certificate online verification is not open to the public however you can track it from any Nadra office by its tracking ID and from the union council from where it is issued.

WHAT IS MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE TRACKING ID? A marriage certificate tracking ID is a computer-generated tracking ID on a marriage certificate through which your certificate can be tracked from the office of Nadra and the union council.

DOES NADRA UPDATES MARITAL STATUS AUTOMATICALLY? No! Currently, Nadra does not update marital status automatically on the issuance of a marriage certificate from Nadra. When you take that certificate to the Nadra office after tracking it through the tracking number update marital status of a person. 

WHICH NADRA ID CARD AFTER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED? Once you have your marriage certificate ready your wife has to take the certificate to the Nadra office so that Nadra Id card after marriage is issued to the wife in her husband’s name. If you face any issue regarding the Nadra certificate you may contact our lawyer in Lahore.

IS NADRA NAME CHANGE AFTER MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE POSSIBLE? Yes! The Nadra name change after marriage certificate is possible for a wife. The wife can change her sir name to her husband’s name and can get a new ID card after showing the Nadra marriage certificate in Nadra’s office.

CAN WE GET NADRA DUPLICATE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE? Yes! You can get nadra duplicate marriage certificate if you have retained a copy of the certificate or if you remember the tracking ID. We also provide the services of duplicate marriage certificate in Pakistan.

IS NADRA MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE FOR OVERSEAS DIFFERENT? No! The Nadra marriage certificate for overseas is the same as other Pakistanis in Pakistan however to use the certificate abroad the other country may require Apostille in Pakistan. There is no separate certificate for overseas Pakistanis living abroad. We provide services to our overseas Pakistani in which we can get them the marriage certificate.

WHAT IF MY MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IS LOST? In Case your marriage certificate is lost you can apply for a duplicate copy.

WHAT IS NADRA MARITAL STATUS CHECK? Nadra marital status check is the check on the Nadra system through which you can check the marital status of a person. Marital status of a person changes in nadra only when you have a computerize marriage certificate in Pakistan and you take it to the Nadra office to update it

WHAT IS MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE NADRA FEE? Marriage certificate Nadra fee is nominal but we charge for our service charges for each service we provide.

YOU PROVIDE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION UAE EMBASSY PAKISTAN? Yes! We provide services of marriage certificate attestation UAE embassy Pakistan for our clients who live in UAE and cannot come to Pakistan.

YOU PROVIDE MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION SAUDI EMBASSY? Yes! We provide the services of marriage certificate attestation Saudi embassy for our client who lives in Saudia Arabia cannot get the attestation done themselves.

YOU PROVIDE SERVICES OF MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE MOFA? Yes! We can guide you regarding the marriage certificate MOFA. Attestation of marriage certificate from the Ministry of foreign affairs in Pakistan is required when you wish to apply for a spouse visa for your other half in some other country.