Advocate Jamila deals with the services of divorce certificate Pakistan Lahore. Divorce certificate Pakistan is issued when your divorce proceedings from the court of arbitration council get finalized. Divorce certificate Nadra Pakistan is the last step of divorce proceedings in the courts. Divorce certificate verification can be done by the Nadra office or concerned union council. After following the Nadra divorce certificate procedure in Pakistan you get a Pakistani divorce certificate. Most people after sending a divorce deed think that they are divorced but in fact, they are legally still married. You are legally divorced in Pakistan when legally you are issued a divorce registration certificate in Pakistan. Even after finishing the khula procedure in Pakistan, you will need a divorce certificate after iddat.

Nadra divorce certificate

The overseas divorce certificate is the same as the divorce certificate Pakistan Lahore. If you have any questions as to how to get a divorce certificate in Pakistan or how to get a Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan you can contact Advocate Jamila. Nadra divorce paper comes from Nadra software and once divorce certificate attestation is done you can use it anywhere in the world. Nadra divorce certificate online check is now possible. Nadra divorce certificate verification online system is available at Nadra offices as you cannot check it from home. Nadra divorce certificate requirements vary from situation to situation so you can call Advocate Jamila and discuss your case. For obtaining a divorce certificate in Pakistan you have to fill a divorce certificate application form. You can get a divorce certificate once complete proceedings of the court are over. You can call Advocate Jamila to request a divorce certificate for you. You can find a divorce certificate for you through our law firm after the talaq process. You can get a divorce certificate online through us. Services of divorce certificate duplicate are also available.


 Below is the Nadra divorce certificate procedure in Pakistan.

  1. Prepare a divorce deed
  2. Send the divorce deed to arbitration council and wife
  3. Attend the proceedings of the arbitration council
  4. Two family member representatives from both sides will be appointed by the husband and wife
  5. Reconciliation proceedings of at least 90 days will be conducted. There is no limit to the maximum time
  6. At least for 90 days, the arbitration council will try to have reconciliation between husband and wife
  7. In case the reconciliation fails after 90 days the divorce certificate Nadra will be issued

Everything in Pakistan is not according to law and books. We are here to help you out and cannot write other things which are not by the books. Call us as we can also process your divorce certificate Pakistan within a week after the divorce procedure.


 Pakistani divorce certificate is the only proof of your being divorced. Sending the divorce deed, joining the proceedings or being a part of proceedings does not makes you divorced. Every government or official asks you the proof of divorce which is only the Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan.


 The union councils in Pakistan have been given access to the Nadra software through which they issue the divorce certificate from the union council. This is the facility provided by the law to males only. For females, they cannot directly apply to the union council they have to apply for divorce in the family court through a divorce lawyer where she has to prove her case and then after getting court orders she can get divorce certificate from union council.


 Divorce registration certificate Pakistan is an official document which the Pakistani law accepts as divorce after dissolution of marriage. For example, if you tell someone or to any office that you are divorced they will ask you the proof. If you have divorce deed or some other thing as proof they don’t accept it. The only way to prove your divorce is the divorce registration certificate in Pakistan. If you don’t have it then your ex is still your wife legally and she can claim maintenance and property from you through court any time even after your death.


IS DIVORCE CERTIFICATE NADRA AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT? Yes! Divorce certificate Nadra is an official document and this is the only document which our government officials and embassies abroad recognize to be an official divorce certificate

IS DIVORCE CERTIFICATE NADRA PAKISTAN ISSUED FROM NADRA OFFICE? No! The divorce certificate nadra Pakistan is not issued from Nadra’s office as Nadra is a department and not the court. The only court is allowed to issue you the divorce certificate Nadra Pakistan. You have to apply in the court of arbitration council if the divorce is from husband and you have to apply to the family court and prove your case if the divorce is from the wife’s side.

IS DIVORCE CERTIFICATE VERIFICATION POSSIBLE? Yes! The divorce certificate verification is possible from any Nadra office or from where it is issued and if you are abroad then you can also verify it by your Pakistani embassy or consulate.

CAN I HAVE DIVORCE CERTIFICATE PAKISTAN SAMPLE? Yes! The above picture is of the divorce certificate Pakistan sample however the government keeps changing the paper after some time so you can also directly ask us for the sample of divorce certificate in Pakistan on Whatsapp.

HOW CAN WE GET OVERSEAS DIVORCE CERTIFICATE IN PAKISTAN? There is no separate certificate termed as an overseas divorce certificate in Pakistan. The divorce registration certificate and Nadra divorce certificate procedure are the same for our overseas Pakistanis and those living in Pakistan. The only difference is that for the certificate either they need to be in Pakistan to join the 90 days proceedings or appoint a lawyer like us who can proceed with your certificate. We can even get your divorce certificate within a week by using our contacts. Once you get the certificate you can also do marriage or online nikah in Pakistan.

CAN YOU PROCESS DIVORCE CERTIFICATE PAKISTAN LAHORE FOR US? Yes! Our law firm is based in Lahore so we can apply for the divorce certificate Pakistan Lahore for you. Law has given the right to males and females to process their marriage and divorce from any part of Pakistan.

HOW TO GET DIVORCE CERTIFICATE IN PAKISTAN? The procedure for how to get a divorce certificate in Pakistan is mentioned above moreover you can also hire our paid services to get your divorce in no time.

IS NADRA DIVORCE PAPER ISSUED FROM NADRA? The divorce certificate Pakistan is not issued from Nadra however the Nadra divorce paper on which the certificate is printed is issued from Nadra. These Nadra divorce papers are distributed to the concerned departments so that they can print the divorce on them just like nikahnama registration.

WHERE TO GET DIVORCE CERTIFICATE ATTESTATION? The divorce certificate issued already has the attestation of the secretary on it however if you need further attestation from any department of the embassy you can hire our paid services to assist you in this regard.

IS NADRA DIVORCE CERTIFICATE ONLINE CHECK POSSIBLE? Nadra divorce certificate online check is not possible at the moment. Nadra certificate verification online system is available either at the office of Nadra or the office from where it is issued.

WHAT ARE NADRA DIVORCE CERTIFICATE FEES? Nadra divorce certificate fees depend on the circumstances and caliber of your lawyer. If we say you that we can get your divorce certificate in a week then it is understood that nowhere in any country you can get a divorce in a week so the fees will be according to it. Please discuss your case with Advocate Jamila and she we finalize the Nadra divorce certificate fees with you. We also deal in online marriage and divorce services

NADRA DIVORCE CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS: The Nadra divorce certificate requirements changes with the circumstances and situation of each case. However, a copy of the ID card, passport, and marriage certificate may include in the nadra divorce certificate requirements.

WHERE TO GET DIVORCE CERTIFICATE APPLICATION FORM? The divorce certificate application form is prepared by the lawyer whom you hire for the certificate. Once you have discussed your case in detail we will prepare a divorce certificate application form according to it.

CAN WE GET A DIVORCE CERTIFICATE ONLINE? No! You cannot get a divorce certificate online as the proceedings of arbitration court or family court are not online however you can avail our services online to represent you in the court and get a divorce certificate online for you. Either you have to represent yourself or through a lawyer. We also deal in the services of court marriage in Pakistan.

WHAT IS A DIVORCE CERTIFICATE FORMAT? The picture of divorce certificate format is given above however, the format keeps changing on the instructions of the government. For the latest divorce certificate format, you can call us for the picture.

CAN I GET DIVORCE CERTIFICATE DUPLICATE COPY? Yes! You can get a divorce certificate duplicate copy either yourself or you can request us if possible we will get a copy for you.

CAN WE REQUEST DIVORCE CERTIFICATE THROUGH YOUR LAW FIRM? Yes! You can request a divorce certificate through our law firm in Lahore Pakistan.

CAN I FIND A DIVORCE CERTIFICATE WHICH IS LOST? Yes! You can find a divorce certificate that is lost. You can also request us. If possible we can find you the divorce certificate.