A guardian certificate in Pakistan is issued by the guardian courts in Pakistan. If you already have custody of the child you can apply for the guardian certificate from court according to the guardian certificate format in Pakistan. Certificate of guardian in Pakistan can be for persons or property of a minor. A guardianship certificate in Pakistan can be for both persons and property of the minor. Advocate Jamila is an expert in guardian cases and can get your guardian certificate Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan in no time.

Guardian cetificate in pakistan


There is no specific guardian certificate format in Pakistan. It is an order granted by the guardian court. The court can dictate any type of order which it deems fit. Normally the routine orders of the guardian certificate in Pakistan are of the same type. No specific type of paper is used for this certificate It is just like normal paper with the seal of the court and the sign of the judge. If you already have child custody you may also claim child maintenance in Pakistan.


To get a guardian certificate from the court you need to hire the services of a family lawyer who will file the case in the guardian court on your behalf and if the court is satisfied the court will grant the guardianship certificate after the case gets completed. It takes about two to six months depending on the nature of your case to obtain the certificate of guardian from the court. The court seeks evidence and a proper ground on which the guardian certificate in Pakistan can be issued for the minor. It is totally up to the lawyer how competently he represents your case. You can also contact our law firm if you need a guardian certificate form court as we are an expert in these cases. Both mothers and fathers can consult their cases with a lawyer in Lahore and we will be more than happy to assist them.