Our law firm provides services of online nikah in Pakistan. Those who live in Lahore can contact us online nikah in Lahore Pakistan and those who live abroad and need online molvi for nikah can also contact us. We have our office of online nikah service in Lahore Pakistan. Online nikah form cannot be uploaded on the webpage as it is a government-issued document with a serial number so for the online nikah process we have to post you the forms. The online nikah procedure is conducted through our office in the presence of lawyers so that we can legally register online nikah. Online Skype nikah is conducted by a registered nikah khawan in Lahore Pakistan. You can contact us for online nikah in UAE, Canada, UK, Saudia, and from any part of the world. The online nikah process only takes 15 minutes.


Nikah Online

Online nikah in Lahore is possible via our office. Some of the people who to avoid sin just wanted to make the relationship as per Islam they prefer to just have the nikah and sometimes they feel hard to get in touch with someone who can conduct the nikah ceremony for them so all those people who just wanted to have nikah our office is always open for them to have their relationship according to Quran and Sunnah. Online nikah in Islam is valid.


 We have a registered online molvi for nikah for nikahnama registration in Pakistan so you can contact us from any part of the world if you want to avail the services of online nikah in Pakistan. We have molana of all sects to perform the nikah as per their religious sects. We have Shia, Sunni, and Ahle Hadith molvi for the online nikah process in Pakistan. All you need to do is to contact us for the ceremony. Online nikah can be done on phone calls, Skype, WhatsApp, or any other apps.


 For the registration of nikah in Pakistan, it is mandatory to have signatures on the nikah form in Pakistan and for this purpose, we have to post the forms. After the registration, you are issued the Nadra marriage certificate. Officially the registered nikah khuan are given the specified numbers of forms with a serial number to which they are accountable so the forms available on the internet will not work. If you wish to register online nikah then we have to officially post the documents whether you are in Pakistan or living abroad. For online nikah in Lahore Pakistan, you can also collect forms from our office. Online nikah form in Pakistan can not only be posted to you but can also be collected from our law firm.


 Our online nikah service in Lahore or online marriage in Pakistan is not only restricted to one city but if you are in any part of Pakistan or any part of the world you can contact us not only for oral nikah but also for registration of online nikah. Non-registration of nikah is a crime in Pakistan so kindly avoid demanding just oral nikah. However, you can call us for details and we can guide you accordingly to follow the online nikah procedure in Pakistan.