Advocate Jamila provides the services of nikahnama registration in Pakistan. Once you have done your nikah the next step is the registration of nikahnama in Pakistan which is done through an authorized registrar. Registration of nikahnama is of two types, Manual registration, and computerized nikahnama registered through nikah khawan. Manual registration is done manually on books whereas the registration of computerized nikahnama is done from the software of Nadra.

nikha namaNikahnama is registered after fulfilling the nikahnama requirements and signatures on nikahnama by the bride and groom. We can also recover your lost nikahanama and can get you computerized nikahnama from Lahore Pakistan. Nikahnama fees include the registration fee and our service charges. If you need any nikahnama advice you can contact us. Nikahnama blank forms are properly filled before it gets registered. If you need nikahnama correction you can also contact us. Nikahnama certificate in Pakistan includes manual and nikahanama nadra registration. We charge nikahnama nadra fees and our service charges to get it registered. Nikahnama witnesses also sign the nikahanama documents to get it registered. If you don’t have witnesses still you can contact us for nikahnama details. Nikahnama in Urdu is available along with nikahnama format in English. If you only have Urdu nikahnama you can have nikahnama translation in English. Computerized nikahnama verification is possible from the office of Nadra or the Union Council from where it is issued. Nikahnama is a legal and public document open for the inspection of everyone except the one you get through court marriage in Pakistan. Currently, you cannot check nikahnama online and for verification, you have to visit Nadra or Union Council office as per the nikahnama address of the Union Council mentioned on the certificate.


CAN ANYONE DO NIKAHNAMA REGISTRATION IN PAKISTAN? No! Only licensed registrars can have nikahnama registration in Pakistan. The copy of the license is attached to the nikahnama to get it registered. Not even the bride or groom can get it registered.

WHAT IS NIKAHNAMA IN PAKISTAN? Nikahnama is a marriage certificate that is the sole proof of a male and female of being married. The government in Pakistan and abroad does not recognize anyone as married until and unless they have a valid nikahnama in Pakistan.

CAN WE HAVE NIKAHNAMA ATTESTATION? Yes! The nikahnama is not a valid marriage certificate until it is attested by the concerned department. There is a seal of the nikah registrar and union council on the certificate. Nikahnama attestation in Pakistan is essential to make it valid. If it is not attested then it is not a valid certificate. Even after the attestation, you may require extra attestation to fulfill the requirements of other countries or departments. For example, if you want to use this nikahnama abroad after online marriage in Pakistan you will need to have nikah attestation from foreign affairs. Some countries also require attestation from their embassy or consulate just like you will need to have your nikahnama attestation from the UAE embassy in Pakistan if you are applying for a spouse visa from UAE or Saudia etc.

IS NIKAHNAMA ADVICE FREE? Yes! The nikahanama advice is free however we charge only for the services. You can contact us for any advice you need.

WHAT IF NIKAHNAMA ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT THAN OURS? The address is just a formality. If in nikahnama address is different than the address where you live it does not make any issue as the law does not stop you get married at the address where you don’t live For example if you live in Lahore you can also get married in Karachi and in this case, your temporary address will be Karachi, not Lahore.

IS NIKAHNAMA A LEGAL DOCUMENT? Yes! The nikahnama is a legal document and it is also a public document. Anyone who has a copy of your nikahnama can verify it. The nikahnama after proxy marriage in Pakistan is also a legal document.

IS NIKAHNAMA BLANK FORM AVAILABLE? Most people find nikahnama blank forms online let us guide you that nikahnama forms in Pakistan are official forms which are given to the nikah khuans and these nikahnama blank forms are limited in number and have serial numbers on them. They have to give answers to each set of papers at the end of every month where they have used these papers so no one will give you blank nikahnama papers until it is issued on your ID card. If you need blank papers please visit our office and get it issued on your ID card after paying the fee.

CAN WE CHECK NIKAHNAMA ONLINE? No! You cannot check nikahnama online as you have to visit the nadra office or the concerned union council to check it.

WHAT IS NIKAHNAMA COMPUTERIZED FEE? Nikahnama computerized fee is nominal however we charge service charges and provide the computerized nikahnama on an urgent basis.

CAN WE HAVE NIKAHNAMA CORRECTION? Yes! You can have nikahnama correction but it depends on what type of correction is required. Correction of nikahnama or Nadra marriage certificate requires an application along with an affidavit that this correction is required which is considered by the secretary. If the secretary is satisfied that the grievance is genuine then you will have your nikahnama correction done. You can contact us if you need any correction in nikahnama certificate

WHO WILL GUIDE ABOUT NIKAHNAMA DETAILS: When you are about to get married you can ask the nikah khuan about the nikahnama details as he is bound to tell you. If you have any specific questions you can email us we will guide you accordingly.

CAN WE GET NIKAHNAMA ENGLISH DOCUMENTS: The nikahnama documents are in Urdu and not in English. The official documents that we receive are in Urdu language but sometimes the client requires the nikahnama in English especially when they want to use it abroad. In this situation, there are two options. The first option is that after getting the nikahnama attested we can get it translated in English and the second option is that we have originally prepared the nikahnama English documents which after filling in English you don’t need to get it translated. Nikahnama format in English is the true translated version of the Urdu nikahnama just like the nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan.

CAN I RECOVER MY LOST NIKAHNAMA: We can recover your lost nikahnama. Computerized nikahnama if lost can be recovered if you have a tracking number however if the manual nikahnama is lost it is hard to recover until you have a copy of it however you can contact us to recover your lost nikahnama especially if it is a computerized nikahanama in Lahore.

CAN NIKAHNAMA NADRA REGISTRATION BE CHECKED? Yes! Nikahnama nadra registration can be checked as it has a tracking number on it which can be tracked from the office of Nadra.

WHAT is NIKAHNAMA REQUIREMENTS: The Nikahnama requirements are they should be filed by the law and should be registered as per the law of Pakistan and only the lawyers in Lahore Pakistan knows the law well.

WHERE TO HAVE NIKAHNAMA SIGNATURES: Nikahnama signatures by the bride and groom are mandatory. No nikahnama can be registered without the signatures of the bride, groom, and witnesses. The bride and groom are required to have signatures beneath column no 25.

IS NIKAHNAMA WITNESSES MANDATORY? Yes! The nikahnama witnesses are mandatory and no nikahnama can be registered without the signatures of the witnesses. Witnesses are required to sign beneath the column number 25.