Cases of child custody in Pakistan in dealt with by guardian courts in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila is an expert family case lawyer who deals with child custody cases in Pakistan. Child custody law in Pakistan is somehow in favor of the mother. Most people think that what will happen to child custody in Pakistan divorce or what will happen to child custody after Khula in Pakistan for those people let us guide you that child custody is a separate issue and this case can be filed before or after divorce also. A child custody case in Pakistan is done in court when there is no child custody agreement between the husband and wife.

The court makes child custody arrangements for the applicant so you can contact a child custody lawyer like us to contest your case. Child custody court decides the custody cases on the principle of the welfare of minors in Pakistan and giving the child custody also requires a child custody bond if necessary. A child custody certificate in Pakistan is a sort of child custody declaration in favor of a party. Child custody disputes are decided by the courts amicably. Child custody for mothers is easy as compared to child custody for fathers in Pakistan. After divorce child custody in Pakistan is normally claimed by the party who doesn’t have the custody of the minor. Child custody law in Pakistan after khula is decided by the guardian court and the mother always has an edge in these cases. For child custody in Pakistan or for a guardian certificate, you don’t need to wait or divorce or khula. Contact your lawyer and he will guide you according to your situation.


Child custody law in Pakistan is in the favor of the mother however the father can also be given child custody if the court thinks that the welfare of minors is in the hands of the father. One of the only things the court sees in deciding child custody in Pakistan is the welfare of the minor. Even if one of the parties gets the child custody in Pakistan still the other party at least gets the visitation right.


Child custody in Pakistan after divorce or before divorce is decided by the court on the merits of the case Most people think that the case of child custody in Pakistan after divorce or dissolution of marriage is only maintainable however the law that you can file the case even before khula or divorce.


The court takes a lenient view of the mother in the cases of child custody after khula in Pakistan. The mother always has a plus point in the custody cases even if the khula is granted or not. Unless there is the worst scenario child custody always goes to the mother.


Child custody case in Pakistan is a sensitive issue and you always need an expert family lawyer who can win the case for you in the guardian court. One wrong single step by your lawyer can deprive you of your child custody which is extremely painful for any parent. We are experts and can get you child custody in Pakistan or can contest your child custody case. We also deal in child maintenance cases.




WHAT IS CHILD CUSTODY LAW IN PAKISTAN AFTER KHULA? Child custody law in Pakistan after Khula is the same as child custody law in Pakistan after Khula. There is no difference in both. Khula is a separate issue and child custody is a separate issue.

CAN CHILD CUSTODY AGREEMENT BE DONE BY PARTIES? Yes! A child custody agreement can be done by the parties through a lawyer in Pakistan which is binding on both the parties and later can be used as evidence also in any court of law.

IS CHILD CUSTODY ARRANGMENTS DONE BY COURT? Yes! Child custody arrangements in Pakistan are done by the guardian courts.

IS THERE ANY CHILD CUSTODY ATTORNEY NEAR ME? Yes! Please discuss your case with us and provide us your address we will let you know if we have any child custody attorney near you on our panel.

ARE YOU A CHILD CUSTODY LAWYER? Yes! We are family case experts and we have child custody lawyers on our panel.

WHERE IS CHILD CUSTODY COURT IN LAHORE? The child custody court in Lahore is at the mall road.

WHAT IS CHILD CUSTODY BOND? A child custody bond is a surety bond that a guardian court may seek from a party to a case in granting the custody of a minor.

CAN WE HAVE CHILD CUSTODY ON BIRTHDAY PARTIES? Yes! A party may seek visitation or temporary child custody of birth parties of children or minors.

WHO GRANT CHILD CUSTODY CERTIFICATE? Guardian courts in Pakistan grant child custody certificate in Pakistan.

WHERE TO GET CHILD CUSTODY DECLARATION? A child custody declaration is given by the guardian courts.

CHILD CUSTODY DOCUMENTS REQUIRED? Consult your case with an expert lawyer and he will guide you on what child custody documents will be required to file a case. Normally a Nadra birth certificate of a minor, marriage certificate, and ID card copies are required

WHO DECIDES CHILD CUSTODY DISPUTE? The guardian courts in Pakistan decide the child custody disputes. No other department has this authority.
IS CHILD CUSTODY FOR MOTHERS EASY? Yes! Child custody for mothers is easy as compared to the father.