Child Abandonment in Pakistan

Child Abandonment in Pakistan


Child abandonment in Pakistan means when the parents or the guardian leave the child completely or stop providing necessities of life. If the parents have left the child at the doorstep of someone is said to be an abandoned child in Pakistan. If the parents of only the mother or the father have stopped visiting the child without providing the necessities of life is said to be an abandoned child. The effect of child abandonment is very severe. It has a great psychological effect on the child. A child can be abandoned by both the parents or only the mother or the father. As per the law of Pakistan, child abandonment is not a crime but has civil consequences. Any guardian or next friend can file a case in guardian court and prove child abandonment. If child abandonment is established in the court, the court can order child maintenance in Pakistan.


How many days is considered child abandonment in Pakistan is not mentioned in the law. The law does give a specific number of days considered to be child abandonment in Pakistan. The law sees the effect of child abandonment and not the number of days for which he was abandoned. It is up to the court to determine what is considered child abandonment. It is also up to the party to prove child abandonment. The more the days are expired the more the gravity of the case. Every case is dealt with separately. The person who has a guardian certificate in Pakistan from the court is said to have the legal capacity to file the case.


The effect of child abandonment is very heavy. A child always needs love and affection and cannot be ignored. A child cannot be even ignored by the parents or someone having legal custody over the child. One of the effects of child abandonment in Pakistan is that the party who is not ignoring the child can claim the child custody in Pakistan. A party can also claim the maintenance for the child from the court. The father must give a monthly stipend to the child


Child abandonment is the complete ignorance of the child. Partial ignorance cannot be considered abandonment. Partial ignorance can be negligence but cannot be termed as child abandonment in Pakistan. It’s totally up to the discretion of the court to determine if there is a case of child abandonment or not


The party who files the case in the court will have to prove his case. It is a general rule that the person making an allegation should prove his case beyond doubt. To prove child abandonment the party can present documentary as well as oral evidence in the court. A party can also bring his witnesses to court and prove his case with the evidence. A party can present any document as evidence in the court such as marriage or birth certificate in Pakistan.

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