Malicious Prosecution in Pakistan

Malicious prosecution in Pakistan


Malicious prosecution in Pakistan in a crime. Prosecution is said to be malicious by a person when he makes a criminal complaint against a person knowing that it is completely false and frivolous. The law in Pakistan says that a person complaining against someone should come with clean hands. If the person knows that he is making a false report and no such thing happened just to damage the other person is said to initiate malicious prosecution in Pakistan. Malicious prosecution laws in Pakistan attract against the person making false reports. Malicious prosecution cases in Pakistan can be initiated against the person who makes a false criminal report. The law in Pakistan provides punishment for malicious prosecution but for punishment, the malicious prosecution requirements should be fulfilled. You may hire our lawyer in Lahore for cases of malicious prosecution.


The malicious prosecution laws in Pakistan are clear that a person who makes a fake or false criminal report damages the respect or causes a financial loss. The malicious prosecution in Pakistan suggests that the person making a fake complaint should also be prosecuted. The malicious prosecution cases in Pakistan are now growing due to awareness of the law. Section 182 of Pakistan Penal Code 1860 is attracted when the malicious prosecution requirements are fulfilled.


In Pakistan, there are not many malicious prosecution cases in Pakistan. People of Pakistan normally don’t want themselves to be involved in any type of litigation. The people of Pakistan just wanted to save their time and money. They are less interested in punishment for malicious prosecution even if the malicious prosecution requirements are fulfilled. Malicious prosecution cases in Pakistan are rarely practiced by the people even if they have the right to do so. Our law firm in Pakistan is experienced in cases of malicious prosecution.


The punishment for malicious prosecution is mentioned in the PPC section 182. The punishment provided in the PPC is not very harsh. Malicious prosecution laws in Pakistan provides the below 2 punishment for the culprit.

  • The offender may then be punished with imprisonment up to 10 years
  • The offender may be fined up to one thousand rupees only.

The punishment provided under this law is very less due to which people just forgive. This law should be frequently exercised which will turn down the graph of rising frivolous cases in Pakistan. For details you may ask our advocate in Lahore Pakistan.


Certain malicious prosecution requirements in Pakistan are required to be fulfilled before filing a case of malicious prosecution in Pakistan. The requirements are as below.

  • Malicious proceedings: There should be malicious proceedings by the accused. Which means the person committing malicious proceedings has set the law into motion.
  • Criminal proceedings: The proceedings should be of a criminal nature
  • With harmful intention: The criminal proceedings should be with the intent to harm or damage the person
  • Malice: Mere being acquitted is not a ground to attract malicious prosecution laws in Pakistan. The motive and intention of harm through these proceedings should be established through an attorney in Pakistan.

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