Adultery in Pakistan


Adultery in Pakistan is crime like many other countries. By definition adultery means having sexual intercourse by married a male or female with another not being married to each other. If an unmarried male or female commits a sexual intercourse it is called rape but if the same thing is done by a married man or a women is called adultery. The punishment of adultery in Pakistan is severe and it is a non cognizable offense by nature. Adultery law in Pakistan is punishable under the hudood laws and Pakistan penal code of 1860. Laws of Pakistan are made in conformity of Islam and the punishment of adultery in Islam is severe. When a n intercourse is done by a male who is married with an unmarried female then the female is committing a rape by consent and the male is committing an adultery.


The punishment of adultery in Pakistan is given under two types of laws. First is called the hudood laws and the other is called the tazir. The hudood law says that the person committing adultery may be stoned to death but since the creation of this country Pakistan no one is stoned to death for the reason that where hudood laws demands strict punishment at the same time it requires strict rules for evidence also. As per the adultery law in Pakistan the person committing adultery can be sent to imprisonment for 10 years and as the punishment under section 497 of Pakistan penal code is sentence up to 5 years. According to the women protection bill now the rape cases can only be launched on the application of a female for adultery in Pakistan. No male or female can be charged with adultery if they are married and if they have valid nikahnama registration in Pakistan.


Adultery law in Pakistan as described above is divided in to two groups. The hudood laws and the other is the tazir. The punishment in Pakistan penal code is called the tazir laws. The punishment of adultery in Pakistan under the hudood laws has now become nearly impossible as the hudood laws require very strict requirements of evidence. Moreover the females in Pakistan have now become more powerful. As per the law now it cannot be said that a female raped a male. The women protection bill has also given more powers to the female. Now it is only the female who can complain that she is raped and this is the only scenario which makes adultery a crime in Pakistan. On false application you may also file a case of malicious prosecution in Pakistan against the person making false application.


Is Adultery a crime? This question is now out of context. Better you ask what the punishment of adultery in Pakistan is. Pakistan is not only the country on this planet where the adultery is considered a criminal offence. Most of the countries consider the adultery a crime. Adultery in Pakistan is considered to be a heinous crime. Punishment of adultery in Islam and Pakistan is severe in nature. The prosecution may also get DNA evidence in Pakistan in such cases.


The punishment of adultery in Islam is whipping the male and the female and is the rape is done by the married male or the female he or she can be stoned to death also. The adultery in Pakistan is dealt under the tazir laws because under the Islamic laws or Muslim personal law in Pakistan the case of adultery requires very strict evidence to prove it.

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